I completed an MLIS in December, 2017, and created the following portfolio around that time based on both professional and classroom experience. Sometimes these worlds overlapped. Some of the projects I’ve worked on may be of interest to students and practitioners throughout the field.

Technology explorations

Modeling state changes for a digitization database
A class project that was based upon, and then influenced, a major initiative at my work.
Editing individual MARC records based on spreadsheet data
Developing a method of updating bibliographic data by matching fields to external data, as implemented in Georgetown Law Library’s Digital Initiatives department.
XML, EAD, XSLT, and finding aids
A class project to modify XSLT stylesheets for my library’s special collections finding aids.

Research and policy development

Crafting a digital preservation policy
A class project to work with a small library to propose an individualized policy.
Evaluating a law library website
A project that combined a class assignment and a work assignment to perform original qualitative research.
Social network analysis of Twitter trolls
A class project in which I developed a method of data-science research to identify clusters of online creeps.

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