About ME!

About your humble webmaster

I have been avoiding social media, other than Twitter, for almost two years. But, like the Drive-By Truckers’ Mike Cooley once sang, “Just ’cause I don’t run my mouth, it don’t mean I got nothing to say.”

So I have this website. Though I want to do the professional thing with much of the site, I hope it is quirky and personalized enough to show off a little of my real personality. Gonna be leaning heavily on nofollow and noindex tags here, along with the obscurity defense, while crossing my fingers that Russian and Chinese web harvesters leave my stuff more or less alone.

Aside from web design, librarianship, and information topics, I have a bunch of other interests, from biking to beer, from rock music to comic books, and I spend way too much time obsessing over politics and the media. Not for nothing did I end up with an undergraduate concentration in the vaguest of topics, culture and politics.

But what I am mostly navigating through current rocky times is a means of becoming politically engaged and active. Here is a tiny introductory vid that I had to do for a class in summer of 2017 that sums up my evolving ideas about participation in the system. I was once a strongly individualist anarchist-leaning radical. Now I am thinking more and more about the power and necessity of communities and involvement. It is pretty exciting. Maybe it’s just growing up.