Evaluating a law library website

The following report was a project for an LBSC713 Evaluating Library Services class at the University of Maryland, Spring 2017. This class coincided with my service on the Technology Forum at the library where I work, Georgetown Law Library. I took advantage of the tech forum’s mandate to assess the library website, and by combining these two tasks, ended up with a more scholarly approach to the forum’s work than would have likely been the case otherwise! Although the class only required a proposal on evaluating a library service, I went beyond the proposal stage at work and implemented about half of the proposed plan before the paper was due. As a result, the final paper was something of a hybrid of a description of findings and a proposal for further research.

Since this project did not go through institutional review (it wasn’t necessary for the tech forum’s purposes), I cannot include all the data gathered from interview subjects. I am presenting here a redacted version of the final paper as submitted for my course in May of 2017.