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Evaluating a law library website

The following report was a project for an LBSC713 Evaluating Library Services class at the University of Maryland, Spring 2017. This class coincided with my service on the Technology Forum at the library where I work, Georgetown Law Library. I took advantage of the tech forum’s mandate to assess the library website, and by combining these two tasks, ended up with a more scholarly approach to the forum’s work than would have likely been the case otherwise […]

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The awesomeness of art in the age of mechanical reproduction

Been tryin’ to dust off this website lately and maybe even make it functional , and what could inspire me more than these action-figure-like figurines based on famous artists ? I got this link (via a Flores email) and immediately started drooling. Monster Playing the Harp based on Hieronymus Bosch. It reminds me of a Skeksis. A lot of the time I don’t like things like adaptations of famous artwork, and doing pseudo-action figures seems like a terrible idea. All we need is more overexposure of th…

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Anything with “dark” in the title is guaranteed to be good

And sometimes things just appear at your fingertips. Today (thanks to ) I stumbed upon Ðarkςτridε . From Jiri Barta’s Krysar (Pied Piper) / Ðarkςτridε Damn. This site is amazing: a look at stop-motion animation from around the world, concentrating on Czech and other Eastern European animators. It is filled with video clips and seems to be updated very frequently too. I watched about an hour’s worth of clips (a couple of them are as much as ten minutes long) and ever…