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Reunions breakin’ out all over

Versus are playing some shows ! They played a surprise show in Brooklyn and are also opening for Yo La Tengo in a few weeks in New York. (I saw them open for YLT once around 2000 and they made a great pair.) This is one of my all-time favorite bands and I haven’t seen them play in a really long time. On the other hand, I saw them at least 5 or 6 times so I don’t feel any super urgency. They played at a Teenbeat anniversary show a couple years ago and I had too much going on to make it. I’m alway...


Hey this blog is still alive I am just busy. I have some notes and some links for shows of the summer (July, August) and haven’t seen any bands in a few weeks. Lots of good music coming up though. So I am a little in shock as I saw that pitchfork today talked about a one-night-only Shudder to Think reunion show ! Amazing! This is the kind of band that I would go to see a reunion show for, because they were such a strange and unique group, and they never performed live much at all after I got int...

and then there’s this

Just got an email from my friend/bandmate Rob, he went and saw Chris Cornell in Baltimore last night and sent some youtube links. I have been in such a sucky mood and this cheers me up a bit. Oh, grunge, how I miss thee! I almost forgot all about this song, but now I want to listen to Temple of the Dog until I fall asleep:

The ones that got away

I just stumbled upon a couple youtube videos of shows that I didn’t go to but thought about going to. I mean, I’m only human, and none too young these days. I’m feeling a tad defensive about missing so much great music but whatever. Here’s a nice video of the Books from a couple days ago. It sounds nice, maybe I should have tried to go: Here’s one (from the same youtube contributor ) for Battles a while ago at the Black Cat. Also sounds pretty good, but I think maybe I am getting tired of this k...

The haps

A few people have mentioned that I should convert my “upcoming shows” emails into more of a blog. Well, here ya go. I kind of like the idea because it can be sort of a show diary so that I can actually remember what shows I go to, and maybe a reminder to attend them, and a place to toss up youtube links for the shows I have been to. We shall see.