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April 19, 2007 | UNCATEGORIZED

The ones that got away

I just stumbled upon a couple youtube videos of shows that I didn’t go to but thought about going to. I mean, I’m only human, and none too young these days. I’m feeling a tad defensive about missing so much great music but whatever.

Here’s a nice video of the Books from a couple days ago. It sounds nice, maybe I should have tried to go:

Here’s one (from the same youtube contributor) for Battles a while ago at the Black Cat. Also sounds pretty good, but I think maybe I am getting tired of this kind of music. I sense that I am getting more in the mood for pretty music and also more straightforward metal. You know, like Air Miami and then Slayer. Or something. Anyway here is Battles:

Oh and while I am raiding this dude’s videos, here is one for Xiu Xiu, though this is from Baltimore (I was thinking of going to see them at the Rock and Roll Hotel):

<irony> It’s almost like you don’t have to go to the shows at all anymore, you can just sit around and watch youtube. </irony>