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Movin’ On Up: Shows of the year 2009, &c.

A few things to mention here for my hypothetical readers. First off I thought I would take a moment to mention my favorite live music performance of the year. And the winner by a landslide was Primal Scream. Yes! They played at the 930 Club in March and put on a rollicking good show. I’d never seen them before and have been wanting to forever, and I was just at the right level of tipsiness to dance all around and have a total fucking blast. I wasn’t writing up shows here at the time but there are some reviews that cover it pretty well.

How did the Scream stack up to my favorite shows of all time? Very well. Give me a few years to reflect and maybe I will add this show to the list.

I think my other favorite performances of the year were by S PRCSS and Dean and Britta. But there were lots of others too, of course! Good year for live music.

— — — — — — —

Recently I got an email from the band Imperial China asking me if I’d review their forthcoming new album. I’m gonna do it shortly (it’s pretty good) but it made me think about what I can do to support the good local bands. It’s not like this blog gets a lot of traffic, but on the other hand, I don’t seek out traffic, in fact this site is halfway hidden off from the rest of the web. But I think I will go ahead and open things up a little more. And here’s the deal (I’ll have to put this over in the sidebar): I am a huge fan of live music but also an old and cynical fan. My socks are not knocked off all that easily. If you’re a local band, feel free to send me an email or a copy of your music or an invitation to a show. I’ll write you up. If I like your music, I will try to help promote your shows. But you should also check out my musical taste and realize I am not enamored of all that many local bands. I won’t promise an especially nice review, but you never know.

— — — — — — —

Last thing I wanted to mention, I am completely siked about the state of live shows here in the ’10s (the teens?), as far as the youtubification of it all. How amazing is it to re-live the best shows? (Like, I can’t get enough of this awesome Office of Future Plans video). Should I try getting some sort of… I dunno… video camera? I go to a lot of great shows that nobody else is recording, like the Versus show last month. I would love to contribute them to the universe, and relive them myself. But on the other hand I am not really interested in holding a camera in front of me for big chunks of a rock and roll show. Hmm. Anyone do this? I could get a Flip or something but I honestly don’t know if I want to. I’ll think about it.