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2010 reviewed

2010 was a great year for music — aren’t they all? I missed more great shows than I went to, but I still saw a lot of amazing performances. Looking back, it is hard to determine what my favorite show was, but I will have to say it was Unrest at their crazy triple-reunion show at the Black Cat. I always say how tired I am of old bands reuniting, but then I see a performance like that and it makes me want to rush out and see all the dinosaur bands before they disappear. For runners-up I will go wi…

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Movin’ On Up: Shows of the year 2009, &c.

A few things to mention here for my hypothetical readers. First off I thought I would take a moment to mention my favorite live music performance of the year. And the winner by a landslide was Primal Scream . Yes! They played at the 930 Club in March and put on a rollicking good show. I’d never seen them before and have been wanting to forever, and I was just at the right level of tipsiness to dance all around and have a total fucking blast. I wasn’t writing up shows here at the time but there a…