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My band, Sutures , played a couple of shows earlier this month — one at the University of Maryland’s WMUC for Third Rail Radio , one at the Red and the Black. It was fun. I am sort of a connoisseur of rock music, and as I’ve stated before, I can tell that we are honestly no great shakes. But people enjoy it, and my friends have fun at the shows. So maybe we will keep this thing moving along for a bit longer. For one thing, it leads to cool pictures. Really, the photo ops are one of the highlight…

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It’s all about the healing

So on Saturday night my band, Sutures , played its first show. My bandmate set up a gig at a musical establishment I have been avoiding for the past dozen years in DC, the Grog and Tankard in Glover Park. The Grog doesn’t have the most sterling reputation, and is definitely not hip or trendy. But I didn’t avoid it (just) because it is relatively uncool — I never went there because it is out of the way and no bands ever played there that I have ever heard of. So I was slightly leery of performing…

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The other day at practice, my bandmate Rob started playing an old song that we hadn’t played in ages, and I had it stuck in my head for hours afterward. He and I actually had recorded a demo of it a while back, like a year ago, and I was always pleased by how it came out. It is his song, and I just played some noodling acoustic guitar over top of his part, something I pretty much made up on the spot. It was called “Pyramid” but I am not even sure if there are any lyrics or anything. I suppose I …

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Left Behind

Here’s one more thing to post. This is a song that’s been around a while, but it sort of evolved through working with my bandmate Rob. This is one of the poppiest songs we’ve put together, which I will take all the blame for. Here is a four-track demo of it, done in Keith’s kitchen with practice amps and electronic drums. I tacked on the vocals at home. Since we don’t have a myspace page yet (or even a settled band name), I’m gonna post this here. “Left Behind” by unnamed project (Teeth Like Tom…