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Mogwai @ 930 Club, 8/3/09

As I get old and curmudgeonly, I fine myself both looking down upon young musicians and bands, and becoming skeptical about old favorites retaining their strengths. I think the right term for this is “jaded.” I am a jaded music fan and rarely expect much even from my favorite bands. Maybe that’s why my reviews tend to be positive — actual live music can transport me out of humdrum world-weariness, or even make me euphoric. Somewhere deep in my mind I know this, and keep showing up to see live mu…

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Arpeggiator vs. 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong

Although these two songs are not that similar, Fugazi and Mogwai are a lot more alike than they ought to be. I pay pretty close attention to both of these bands; I would consider myself to be a fan of both, and I have never heard of any of the members of either band ever discussing the other band. Maybe they have, but they seem to live in totally different worlds. Mogwai are a bunch of Scottish louts who drink secret pints and probably get into bar fights and call people “pansies.” They’ve been …