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Medications @ U Street Music Hall, 7/22/10

I have rambled on about Medications before, and I’m doing a ridiculously belated review, so let me just quickly go over what I remember about this show. The first band on the line-up was Hume but there is some kind of karmic law that almost always prevents me from seeing Hume perform live. I forget what happened, but I missed them at this show, too, it probably had something to do with it being a really early performance. Anyways, I got there post-Hume but with enough time before the next band, …

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Medications & Imperial China @ Black Cat, 5/20/10

Last week I was pretty excited to go see Medications at the Black Cat. I have their new album and have been grappling with it for a few weeks. I am not sure yet how I feel about it — it is a strange album — and I was hoping the live show would provide a little clarity. I’ve seen Medications lots of times (and Faraquet lots of times before that), though the current version of the band is obviously significantly different from what came before. The last time I saw them was maybe a year and a half …

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Caught a few good shows in the past couple weeks: Tortoise at the Black Cat, Mary Timony and Medications at Fort Reno, Les Savy Fav on a quick weekend trip to New York (though 99% of the music I see is here in DC, I’ll go ahead and comment on any out-of-town shows I catch). Some good shows are coming up this week, too, with the highlights being Drive-By Truckers on Friday at the 930 Club and Mirah on Saturday at the Black Cat — but I might be out of town again for the Mirah show, alas. Tortoise …