Midlife crisis

I didn’t really celebrate my birthday but I decided to go all clich� and get some new ink.

The guy who did it was curious about what the design was, and guessed that maybe it was a section of the Metro map. Other people have thought it was some sort of chemistry thing, but actually it is (supposedly) a medieval symbol for “constellation” — my variation on your typical star tattoo. Of course it might not really mean anything, it is just something I pulled off the internet a long time ago. Anyway here ’tis:

my new tattoo

It isn’t healed yet so I will post a better picture once it has. I like tattoos and I always wanted more, but I think the main reason I got this one is to have an external marker of my disenchantment with careers and professionalism. It’s like, if I start having enough visible tattoos, nobody will ever hire me for corporate work. Or that is my hope. Next up, knuckle tattoos?

Here’s a good snotty Polish song that matches my mood:

Ścianka : I Got My Shoes & My Tattoo Part 1