i was born a long time ago today

I’m playing with during my brief stop in the office today. They have these playlists that you can make and embed on your own website like this one… not sure how useful it is… You can try it out if you like. It seems like if you click on a song name, you just get a 30-second sample, but if you click the big “play” button, it will play the full songs in a random order. I guess that is sort of cool. I wonder how they manage the legal issues.

Anyway earlier this morning I was listening to birthday songs and I really like the Jesus and Mary Chain one that is included in this widget thing, it is off of their CD Munki which I have but rarely listen to. The lyrics are funny… “I’m drinking to the day that I was made, and I’m sucking on my grown-ups’ lemonade”.

I’m still working on my big post about rock in the ’90s, but in the meantime I guess I need to start acting grown-up. Get real haircuts, polish my shoes, shoo the neighborhood kids off of my lawn, start the whole early-to-bed-early-to-rise thing.

I’m not sure how I feel about turning thirty, or if I feel anything special about it at all. So far it seems pretty much the same as yesterday was. I don’t think it will kick in until I start meeting new people and actually telling them out loud that I am thirty.

Anyways it is 2:00, almost time for my grown-up lemonade.