February 22, 2007 | HARMLESS UNTRUTHS


From today’s Washington Post:

Chimps Seen Making Weapons
Clearly our nonproliferation strategy has failed. I trust the UN won’t hesitate to impose sanctions on the chimps, before they share their pointy-stick technology with other rogue species.

You’re all familiar with email spam. Some of you may also be familiar with “comment spam”, in which thousands of fake comments are posted to your blog. Sifting through my comment spam, I found this:

spam impersonating Carrie Brownstein

I am guessing that the spammers are smart enough to somehow figure out human names off of my pages, or else maybe it’s just a coincidence. Or maybe Carrie Brownstein really is reading my website and really wants me to buy an iPod? I don’t know what else she is up to these days.