January 28, 2007 | HARMLESS UNTRUTHS

Pretend These Are Records

Over the past year or so, I’ve heard from a couple friends or family members that my old music popped up on their iPods or in their iTunes. In the back of my mind, I have been intending to redistribute all my old recordings in a more updated format so that anybody else can have their very own copies in their very own mp3-playing devices.

And then yesterday I happened to listen to my last “album” for the first time in ages, and I was amazed at how much I liked it. So yeah, I am kinda proud of these old recordings, especially considering the circumstances of how I recorded them (i.e., extremely ghetto). Essentially, they all should count as demos but I think they are kind of fun to have out there and available. I revamped my old “Orcas” website and put it here on my monodrone server and put the albums into zip files for easy download. The songs should be more or less properly tagged and everything.

So here we go. Download, enjoy. I recommend the more recent ones rather than the old ones, if you are a little overwhelmed by the sheer numbers here. And who knows? I have a hunch that “The Orcas” (meaning just me) still have some more recording to do in the future…

The Orcas

Love Plus, 2004:

Love Plus

Download the full album (approx. 25 MB). This is a seven-song LP, my second (and latest) proper album. More info here.

Preview a track, “Joie de Vivre”:

Discount Boy Genius, 2004:

Discount Boy Genius

Download the full album (approx. 45 MB). This is a 20-song monstrosity, recordings of old old songs. More info here.

Preview a track, “The Voyeur”:

Christmas Lights, 2004:

Christmas Lights

Download the full album (approx. 4 MB). This is a 2-song single, both great songs, one recorded poorly, the second sounding halfway-okay. More info here.

Preview a track, “ebdgbe”:

Let’s Make the Prequel First, 2003:

Let's Make the Prequel First

Download the full album (approx. 9 MB). Four-song EP of old songs. More info here.

Preview a track, “Unsmoked”:

Shell Beach, 2003:

Shell Beach

Download the full album (approx. 4.5 MB). This is a single with two b-sides, an outtake from Kraj and a very special cover song. More info here.

Kraj, 2003:


Download the full album (approx. 14 MB). This is my first real album. Ten great songs but very poor recording. More info here.

Frostburg demos, 2002:

Frostburg demos

Download the full album (approx. 19 MB). These are some quick 4-track demos. More info here.

Machinehead, 2001:


Download the full album (approx. 3 MB). This is just one song, a cover of “Machinehead” originally designated a cassingle. More info here.

DC demos, 2001:

DC demos

Download the full album (approx. 19 MB). These are some random demos compiled together. More info here.

I have a few other songs recorded that are sitting around on my computer, and a million more stuck in my head. So there will be more soon, I reckon. In premature anticipation, I experimented with setting up an RSS feed for The Orcas, et. al. If people subscribe, then I will have to have updates…