December 5, 2006 | HARMLESS UNTRUTHS

I always wanted to…

In my effort to become a rock star, I realize I need to practice my original stuff, work on my moves, practice pointing at the crowd, etc. I mean, I guess I’ll start with baby steps (like not staring at my hands while playing) and slowly work my way up to Carrie Brownstein/Pete Townshend windmills.

I’ve also been contemplating trying to do some videos. Crazy, but intriguing. But I don’t know anything about editing video, though, so here is my first-ever rock video. It’s a little dark, I guess. And when you put your camera on top of your amp, it has a tendency to bounce all around. It doesn’t even have the production values of the classic Replacements video for “Bastards of Young“.

Really, I just wanted to do a take of this song so that I would remember the arrangement (haven’t really nailed down the words though). I think it has potential (it’s pretty much brand new). It’s called “The New Normal” and it’s a bit of a knock-off of Unwound.

Kinda weird to watch in the mirror because it looks like I’m left-handed. Anyway back to the grind…