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April 24, 2010 | REVIEWS

The Points, Davey Crockett @ DC9, 4/22/10

There is this band called The Points that has been kicking around DC for a while and I have been vaguely aware of them. They were the house band at Fight Club and they play at other places, and they have a whiff of controversy about them… getting banned from clubs, maybe? I am not sure.

Anyway I didn’t think I had ever seen them forgot that I had seen them before and so I was willing to go along with some friends that wanted to check them out. And I was amused, though not overwhelmed. They were a straightforward punk/hardcore band straight outta 1982, sounding almost exactly like the Misfits. Here and there I was wondering if they were actually just covering Misfits songs that I don’t know. They had a bunch of fans who spat beer at them enough to drench the singer/guitarist in a sort of gross way. It was fun. But sort of dated. As in, they were doing things that were only novel for a few seconds, over 25 years ago.

I would be willing to watch The Points again but I wouldn’t really go out of my way. Maybe if I were 17 I would be a little more interested. They were fun but inessential.

On the other hand I would really like to hear more from openers Davey Crockett. This was a guitar/drums duo that played really loud and hard pop… actually not so incredibly different from Japandroids who I saw like a month ago, only not quite as poppy as that. But there was a similarity in the way the guitar wasn’t complicated, just basic rhythm guitar played loud and hard with lots of effects, on some sort of hollow-body telecaster. I thought they were great. The guitarist was a nerdy type who reminded me a little of Lou Barlow, while the drummer’s long black hair hanging down in his face reminded me of Dave Grohl. They were selling tapes and I would’ve bought one if I’d had any cash, but I guess it was not meant to be.

Davey Crockett are from Houston and seem to be a pretty new band. Here is their myspace where I can get my fill of what was probably on that tape. I’m glad I caught them.

There was an earlier band that I missed; a review over at DC Rock Live suggests they would’ve been worth it, too.

UPDATE: Actually if I would read my own blog I would realize that I had seen The Points at least once before, a year ago opening for Obits at the Black Cat. Huh. Well I have no real recollection of that — obviously nobody was spitting beer at them then. Who knows how many bands I have seen and forgotten…