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The Raveonettes @ 930 Club, 10/16/09

So I love the Raveonettes! They have to be one of my top favorite bands of the past decade or so. (Maybe I will make a list for the end of the decade… I imagine they might come in second behind Les Savy Fav .) I think their music is a perfect blend of pop music and noise — a combination that a lot of my favorite bands go for but rarely so smartly. They are not original at all but they have perfected a formula that has a long, hip, tradition dating back as far as the Velvet Underground . I always…

from ARCHIVES - District of Cacophony in category reviews

The story so far

A quick retrospective to get this blog thing going. I have only been out to shows a few times so far this year. The winter is not the best time for bands coming on tour, or for feeling motivated to go out to see them. I’ve missed some shows I really wanted to see, but nonetheless I’ll try to keep track of my experiences for posterity’s sake. In January I went to see Camera Obscura , who were decent, actually better than I expected. Still, I kept wanting to hear Belle & Sebastian songs. Here is a…