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It’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone down

For two and a half years I have been using eMusic to get my legal music fix. I thought it was nearly a perfect service. So much for that. Here is what my eMusic account information has to tell me now: We’re sorry that we’ve had to retire your current plan, but we’re confident that you’ll find even more music to love among the many new additions to the music catalog. And of course, you can always choose a different plan by visiting the Plan Options page within Your Account. EMusic is going the wa…

from ARCHIVES - in category Harmless Untruths

Addicted to the sound

Though sometimes I am a little dismayed at the online/digital environment for music, it has occurred to me lately that I have been using the internet to learn about music for a long time, basically for the past 11 years or so. I am actually reasonably well-qualified to offer a historical perspective on music on the web. My current methods of learning about music (among other things, you’ve got your pitchfork and your and your long list of favorite mp3 blogs ) are the direct descendents o…