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Somehow the vital connection is made

In many ways I think the internet is more exciting for the visual arts than it is for reading. I mean, just in my own bedroom I have hundreds of books containing thousands of hours of great reading, all of which is far better written than anything I can find online. But interesting artwork is harder to come by in daily life. I can’t do justice to the scale of visual arts on the web — I’ll leave the task to those far more astute than I — but occasionally I stumble upon something that really strik…

from ARCHIVES - in category This Altogether Thunder

White Spaces

“He looked at maps, and wondered what lay beyond their edges: maps made in the Shire showed mostly white spaces beyond its borders. ” — The Fellowship of the Ring I’ve had a long-time fascination with maps, so what better way to kick off a new section of this slowly-coalescing website than with a look at one of my favorite sites for medieval maps ? Eh? What do you say? Budapest / from Historic Cities Whatever happened to map-making? Maps were once filled with decoration, with speculation, with a…