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Don’t let the bastards grind you down

I’ve been doing amateur home recording for a long time, let’s call it a decade plus, starting out with second-hand four-tracks and moving up to cheapo laptops and freeware synth programs. Being the overly-independent type, and the absurdly anti-establishment type, I have avoided the methodology of most of the world around me — the whole iMac/Garage Band thing. Instead I have mostly used a patchwork of random software on a succession of computers to get results that I am fairly happy with. So her…

from ARCHIVES - in category Harmless Untruths

Fully Operational

Much like the second Death Star, this website looks rough but is, in fact, fully operational . However, big chunks of it are missing, and it is highly vulnerable to attack, foolishly storing its shield generator on a nearby forest moon. The last post is from something like six months ago, so you know this is not a priority. Yesterday I did some recording with my pseudo-band, and today, as I skipped work to do some writing for school, I felt that a smart thing to do would be to record some more. …