Hey there.

This site is a repository for both personal and professional work and a central hub for my overall internet presence. If it can be rendered into hypertext markup language, it will all go here. launched in late 2016, and is in continuous, if sporadic, development.

Contact information

I’m not currently active on Facebook or LinkedIn; the best way to correspond with me is via email. You can reach me at jeff [at]

I am also present on Twitter and you can contact or follow me at @jeffgerhard.

About me

I have a decade of experience working in libraries, with a focus on technology, metadata, and digital libraries. I am currently working part-time on a belated MLIS degree, with anticipated graduation in December 2017. In previous lives, I worked in international education and did a stint teaching English overseas.

I live in Baltimore where I never have time for hobbies, but they include performing and listening to music, cooking vegetarian meals, biking, reading, and political discussions. I would rather have those discussions in person over a beer than on the internet.


I have some experience consulting clients on technology issues, particularly web design, but I am not currently seeking employment (shakes stick at headhunters). However, I may be available for freelance and consulting gigs. Time permitting, I can provide some amount of free or low-cost service to cultural, activist, or social services organizations or individuals. Please email with any questions.

Core competencies include:


In early 2017, I am unveiling a new blog on this site called Introspect. This project remains under development but feel free to kick the tires. Here are the current posts:

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Put on your boots and march

I’ve been to a lot of protests and a lot of presidential inaugurations. I’m hoping this time their lesson will stick with me.

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I’m bringing BloggingBack

Introducing Introspect, a new blog for a new, weird era. Because there are reasons to write out your thoughts.